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From our first-hand experience, we have compiled a list of the necessary equipment that you will need to successfully climb Mount Kilimanjaro. You do not have to carry all the listed Kilimanjaro gear from home; we do have a list of some Kilimanjaro gear and equipment that we can rent to you (List of gear we rent for Kilimanjaro climb). 

Please Note:

  • During your Kilimanjaro Climb, We will provide you with foam Sleeping pads, tents, filtered water, all meals.
  • The pack that porters carry should be kept at a maximum of 15kg, overweight or extra language will be safely stored at your hotel. In case you need to take more luggage, then you must let us know at the time of booking so that we can arrange an extra porter.
  • Store electronics in sealed waterproof bags.
  • In the day pack; take along water, sunglasses, camera, binoculars, rain pants, and jacket at a minimum. Add any other items you might need during the day, since you may not see your porters until the end of the day.
Climbing Kilimanjaro 


Kilimanjaro Equipment and Accessories

  • Sunglasses X 1:(wraparound, 85%+ visible light blocked)
  • Headlamp X 1: (With extra batteries)
  • Day Pack X 1: Around 35lts, to carry your daaily items in (camera, waterproof clothes, water etc) ideally lightweight inner frame and tummy belt for support.
  • Full length, inexpensive plastic raincoat X 1: To waterproof you 100% during heavier rain falls.
  • Trekking Poles X 1 set: (Telescopic for easy packing)
  • Water bladder X 1: (With insulated tube and mouth piece)
  • Water bottle X 1: (preferably 3-strurdy hiking variety)
  • Sleeping Bag X 1: (Four seasons rating), make certain that the sleeping bag is the right length.
  • Sleeping Bag Liner X 1: (added warmth, optional)
  • Stuff sacks or Plastic bags to keep gear dry (various sizes)
  • Kit Bag for the porters to carry your gear in. (Around 150lt, Soft, sport bag-ideally canvas or waterproofed.
Kilimanjaro Packing List



Clothing for Kilimanjaro

  • Underwear Briefs X 3
  • Sports Bras X 2 (for the ladies)
  • Long underwear bottoms X 2
  • Light-weight Base Layer top x 1
  • Mid-weight Base Layer top X 1
  • T-Shirt X 1: For lower altitudes only
  • Long Sleeve T-Shirt x 2
  • Lightweight Poncho X 1
  • Fleece or  Mid-weight Base Layer pants X 1
  • Fleece or Soft-shell jacket X 1
  • Hiking Pants x 2: (Zip-off to shorts recommended)
  • Synthetic or Down insulated jacket X 1: (must be able to fit under outer shell jacket)
  • Waterproof Outer-Shell Pants x 1: (Recommended to have side-zipper vents)
  • Waterproof outer-shell jacket X 1: (Must have a hood)
 Clothing for Kilimanjaro


Hand, Foot and Headwear

  • Glove Liners for added warmth X 1
  • Waterproof gloves/mittens X 1
  • Waterproof Hiking Boots x 1: (Broken-in and ideally leather upper)
  • spare Boot Laces x 1
  • Thin Sock liners x 4 pairs
  • Thick, Wool or Synthetic Socks x 4 pairs
  • Gaiters X 1: (Optional) Stops scree and mud getting into boots
  • Shade Hat X 1: For shelter from the blazing sun
  • Warm wool hat or balaclava X 1: For protection against cold and winds
  • Lightweight shoes - To wear in camp at night after a day hiking
  • Bandana X 1 (Optional)
 Kilimanjaro Hand Foot Headwear




  • Flavor tablets for water
  • Sunscreen - Factor 30 or more, oil based
  • Prescription medicines
  • Small First-Aid Kit (band-aids, ace wrap, alcohol pads, ets)
  • Personal toiletries - Toothbrush, paste, hairbrush etc
  • Anti-bacteria Hand Sanitizer
  • Unscented, Biodegradable Wet-wipes and Body-wipes
  • Lip Balm or Zinc cream
  • Solid deodorant
  • Trail munchies - Bring along your favorites; chocolates, nuts, biltong, etc.
  • Plastic baggies for trash
  • Spare Batteries - For torch and camera/video.
  • Pocket knife - Always handy!
  • Toilet paper & matches
  • Camera & plenty of film - Take a spare battery
  • Book/diary/game/cards/pen - In the evening at Camp
Kilimanjaro Gear