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Selous Game Reserve, Africa's largest, and one of its greatest reserves, and one of the few places that offers boating safaris in Tanzania. The Selous unique among Tanzania’s more renowned preserved areas because it is a game reserve, not a national park, and therefore a larger range of activities are permitted. Despite its location in the heart of the Selous, the Rufiji River has a great deal of both permanent and seasonal water, most of which falls under the conservation ambit. Tanzania water safari based activities include game viewing, birding and fishing. The river offers the most exciting safari in Selous Game Reserve . 

Tanzania boating safaris on the Rufiji River is combined with other sorts of Safari, e.g. Walking Safaris, Bird Watching and Game drives  giving you a picturesque view of almightySelous with its Ox-bow lakes. The Rufiji is full of hippopotamus and crocodiles, which can be watched at a close range while on a water safari in Tanzania. Birds and other animals along the river banks expose the beauty of Tanzania's wilderness. Buffaloes, waterbucks and impala are usually seen in the water meadows; elephants and lions sometimes seen drinking water.