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Tanzania photo safaris are like no other kind of journey. While virtually every tour operator includes "photography" as part of their overall trip activities, Awland Safaris is set apart by our commitment to offer the finest in outdoor photography and related travel. That means we spend more time at the places we visit than other nature/photo/adventure travel companies for a more in-depth photo exploration of the wildlife, wild places and people we encounter along the way.

Taking part in a Tanzania photo safari is a concentrated and productive photography experience. Unlike many tour operators that offer trips "suitable" for general travelers, nature enthusiasts and photographers combined, our safaris are designed exclusively for nature and outdoor photography enthusiasts. Our photographic safaris in Tanzania give you more time in the field to work on your photography while observing nature, rather than dashing from place to place with numerous short stops throughout the day. Our itineraries revolve around creating opportunities for photography, unlike the many tours where the photographer must search for time in the itinerary to squeeze in a few quick shots, while the trip attempts to cater to clients with divergent interests. Our itineraries are designed to meet every requirement of the professional photographer.